From Seed


Social Design

The Project

From Seed is an at-home passive hydroponic growing kit, providing its customers with everything they need to get started with hydroponic plant care while helping to restore native flora to our national parks. First and foremost a social design project, From Seed benefits the currently underfunded National Parks Service by replacing an invasive plant with a native one for every kit sold, in the customer’s name — so, for example, you could have your very own prickly pear cactus in the Grand Canyon!

Each From Seed kit correlates with one of the five following national parks spread across the main ecoregions of the United States: Yosemite, Congaree, Grand Canyon, Acadia, and Yellowstone. All kits contain a starter passive hydroponic setup including a planter, Rockwool (the eco-friendly hydroponic replacement for soil), nutrients, and watering can, and of course, seeds. 

In addition to the growing tools and materials, the kits also contain a limited-edition bandana featuring an illustrative map of native flora to the associated park and an educational print insert discussing our parks service, the environmental impacts of invasive species, and how we as individuals can help combat the issue.

Additional Credits

Bryan Satalino
Instructor, Graduate Projects
Tyler School of Art & Architecture

This project was a love letter to the beautiful parks spread across America, as well as to the severely-underfunded National Park System. You can donate to the NPS through their official partner, the National Park Foundation.

The Mood Board

The Brand

This brand takes an organic, playful, and illustrative approach, using a minimal central color palette of three shades of green, ivory, and soft black, with a broader palette being implemented specific to each park. For instance, the colors for the Grand Canyon include the core colors plus marigold and terracotta accents. 

A small variety of typefaces also significantly influence the design, including Modesto Expanded, Presley Slab, Billenia, and Brix Slab as the core, with the addition of Clifton in the wordmark. These along with full-color monoline vector illustrations, warm, saturated photography, and a delicate topographic pattern work as a system to guide the brand across print and screen platforms, with the website showcasing the merging of print and web elements.

Key Words


The Website

The prototyped e-commerce site for From Seed focuses on creating an interactive, engaging, and beautiful experience for the user. Working with a loose grid, the brand really comes to life here, with breathtaking photography becoming an integral part of the design along with the layering of illustrations, typographical hierarchy, and use of microanimations to give the user navigational confidence.

You can watch the webflow below.