Philadelphia Contemporary



The Project

During the summer of 2019, I worked with Philadelphia Contemporary, a recently established contemporary art space, to completely overhaul their website. After working with the board and staff on research, wireframing, feedback, and design, the final result is a timelessly designed website aiming to make user navigation as seamless as possible.

The Process

I began by combing through the original site, making extensive notes of all sort of issues ranging from design to experience. While I was doing this I was conducting competitive research, looking specifically for contemporary art museums and galleries who were like-minded in that they were interested in accessible art.

I also sent out two rounds of surveys to the board and staff, gathering feedback on things like what they needed versus wanted, how they thought the website should function, and their personal thoughts about the existing site as well as researched sites that I felt suited their needs. All of this feedback informed the design, particularly in regards to prioritizing information and determining where certain things would live within the site.

The Website

Presenting progress work multiple times over the course of the project helped tremendously in establishing a feeling of camaraderie with the small team I was working with, and allowed for better communication and critique. The end result was a much more streamlined website that is more intuitive to navigate, easier to use on mobile devices, and minimally designed to enhance the gorgeous imagery.

You can visit the live site here.

Key Words