Curious about what I bring to the table? Let’s get to know each other! Below I’ve outlined a bit of what you can expect from me, besides lots of jokes (and smiles). 

I design strategically, and pull from solid, factual resources in order to make a brand or project successful. As a design thinker, I’m constantly considering things like who your target customer is, what works best for your end user, and what design decisions make sense based on this data as well as the client’s needs.

These needs are often discovered together during the creative design process; I like to kick things off with new projects by having a (fun!) brainstorming session so we can work together to find common ground, concepts, and strategies so the design can move forward without a hitch.

I’m skilled in both traditional physical and newer digital media and technologies, and have always worked as a strong craftsman (I like to say this is where my OCD comes out). I work cleanly and stay organized, meaning you’ll never need to worry about the files for your project or go days without getting a response from me.

This organization shows in my working process, which has three general phases: research and strategize, iterate and design, and amplify the brand. I like to work hands-on with clients to ensure the project has the right voice and personality, and successfully meets their needs.

I love getting to know the people I work with — so let’s go and grab a coffee or a drink at happy hour! I’m a believer that forming a good working relationship leads to a smoother process and more happiness for both you and me.

I’m also just a people person, and want to learn more about you and your ideas — design is all about relationships, and it will help drive the design as well.