The Welcome Table


Social Design
Environmental Design


The Project

A collaborative social design project completed for St. James School of Philadelphia, The Welcome Table included a large-scale branding and environmental design system. As a result, a $5,000 donation was made to St. James School shortly after its completion.

St. James School is a faith-based Philadelphia middle school in the Episcopal tradition, committed to educating traditionally underresourced students in a nurturing environment. Every spring, the graduate students in the Graphic & Interactive Design MFA program at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia work to conceptualize, design, and complete a project—as a group—aimed at assisting or solving a current problem or issue that St. James is experiencing. During our time working with St. James, we designed a branding solution for their recently established on-campus pastoral care center.

Additional Credits

Kelly Holohan
Instructor, Graduate Thesis
Tyler School of Art & Architecture

Xi Cheng, Mingfei Shi, Pei-Ju Shih, Shuang Wu, Michele Fitzgerald
Tyler School of Art & Architecture

The Brand

Acting as Project Manager and Communications Liaison, I oversaw the spring 2020 partnership project with St. James School. After an initial meeting with school leadership in which we discussed any current or ongoing needs the school was experiencing, we brainstormed three initial concepts that we formally presented to the team of St. James employees working with us. Based on their feedback, we moved forward with our most extensive (and exciting) concept: to fully brand a recently established on-campus pastoral care center.

The design system focused on friendliness, approachability, and joyfulness, aiming to create a feeling of community while eliminating any stigma that could be associated with shopping at a food and clothing pantry. The foundation of the design is a set of over 150 icons, including everything from the classic Philly pretzel to the unexpected household tool; these icons represent all the items you might find in the space. Combining these icons with bright, youthful colors and classic typography choices like Futura and Mrs. Eaves allowed us to create an easily adaptable and timeless system that could be worked with by St. James School once the project had concluded — including a customizable logo — for the various types of events and fundraisers held within the space of The Welcome Table.

Key Words



A generous donation of $5000 was given to St. James School due to the efforts of our project.