Thirsty Witch Brewing Company


Social Design

The Project

Thirsty Witch Brewing Company is a brewery founded and operated solely by women in Raleigh, North Carolina. Inspired by the fact that less than 30% of the craft brewing industry is made up of women, with only two breweries in America owned by women of color, Thirsty Witch Brewing’s mission is to empower women in brewing.

Taking an unexpected and bold design approach by way of a fully type-driven system built around the typeface Glassure, a candy color palette, and a combination of vintage and contemporary imagery, Thirsty Witch accomplishes this mission in more than one way. Each brew is inspired by a notable woman in southern history, with the cans featuring a blurb on the back about the woman it was made in honor of. Additionally, the varieties of beverages available on tap cater to a female-heavy audience; studies show that women and the youngest generation of drinkers are developing a preference for options like ciders, hard seltzers, CBD-infused beverages, and even non-alcoholic mocktails; the tap list at Thirsty Witch reflects this, with options in those categories available.

The brewery is also host to the collective Brewcats, which provides support and community for women in brewing. This brand was built out in-depth, working seamlessly across multiple platforms while maintaining the brand’s personality and visual language. Using the following mood board and user profiles to guide the design, the deliverables include can labels, growlers, a website, social media, and more.

Additional Credits

Kelly Holohan
Instructor, Graduate Thesis
Tyler School of Art & Architecture

The focal points for this project were accessibility, intersectionality, and empowerment.

The Mood Board

Customer 1
The Liberal College Student
Chelsea, 24

Intelligent, ambitious, and open-minded, Chelsea feels intimidated by the world of brewing but wants to earn her certificate in craft brewing. She’s seeking community, education, and friendship (but also really good beer). 

Customer 2
The Woke Sports Dude
Matthew, 27

Energetic and upbeat, Matthew loves his sports teams but isn’t a fan of the traditional sports or dive bar setting. He’s looking for somewhere to chill with his friends that has less of a bro vibe but still has a cool factor.

Customer 3
The Female Socialite
Annie, 29

An entrepeneur earning her MBA, Annie is as social as they come. She’s looking for a place with a bold energy and clean atmosphere to get together with friends that would also be a great place to wine and dine new potential clients.

The Brand

Drawing from collected demographic data, existing academic research, and generated user profiles, I chose to pursue a design direction that is minimal yet bold and punchy, while being 100% type-based, founded on the edgy typeface Glassure. These choices were all deliberately made in order to stand out from the expected illustrated look you see so often, especially in the south. Scroll through to explore the brand in full through a variety of visual applications.

Key Words


The Website & Community

The website serves as the heart of Thirsty Witch Brewing, providing not only information but community, with team members accessible and approachable and the story of every featured woman up on the tap list. The Brewcats collective is also promoted on the website, providing more information and access to the application and collective events.


Brewcats is a collective for women in brewing, hosted by Thirsty Witch. Completely open to anyone identifying as female or non-binary, Brewcats serves as a place of inclusive community and hosts events like tours and tastings for its memebers. Additionally, Brewcats sponsors three women per year to attend the Brewing Arts program at the local community college so they can become certifiied in craft brewing.