Social Design

The Project

ENOUGH is a guerrilla campaign aimed at getting young people ages 16-18 to register to vote, regardless of political leaning. Complete with a newspaper zine that doubles as protest posters, a voting guide, a Snapchat filter, and more, this campaign targets the youth voting demographic from multiple angles.

The main element of the project is a newspaper zine, which is available for bulk institutional purchasing as well as individual. The zine is filled with information about voting, a state-by-state summary of voting rights, other ways to make your voice heard, inspiring youth activists, and more.

The tone of the project targets a new audience – so many voting resources exist that end up feeling too upbeat or preachy. ENOUGH is openly cynical and dry in its tone. Taking this approach targets a disengaged audience: the one that doesn’t WANT to vote, and the one that really needs to in order for the next generation to start re-distributing the political power in our country. We’re here to take back the power that we so often see resting in one set of hands, because democracy is about the people.

Additional Credits

Kelly Holohan
Instructor, Graduate Thesis
Tyler School of Art & Architecture

The Mood Board

User 1
The Young Creative
Josh, 16

Politically motivated but laid back and sensitive, Josh’s parents raised him fairly liberally, but lately he’s been feeling cynical about politics and isn’t sure his vote matters. He also feels disconnected in some ways from his family, who tend to vote for Boomer politicians and is seeking educational resources.

User 2
The Budding Feminist
Anisa, 17

Anisa’s parents help her to stay up-to-date with politics, so she doesn’t need more resources. She’s looking to help spread a positive message about voting and exercising your right to free speech and wholeheartedly encourages young adults to make their voices heard regardless of political bias.

User 3
The Rebel
Joe, 16

Particularly jaded about the way our political system functions, Joe is anti-voting and thinks our society is basically doomed. He’s sick of politicians making decisions that don’t follow what the people want and doesn’t feel like he has a voice.

The Brand

A bold, vibrant, and youthful design system was implemented, inspired by punk zines and subculture aesthetic, including clean bright color with modern, loud typography, historical imagery, and grungy textures and torn paper effects, overall really leaning into the guerilla aspect of the campaign and carrying this forward visually while still concentrating on function and usability. The color palette is a twist on the classic red, white, and blue, and by using a type family with multiple weights and widths — combined with a retro sign painter’s font and a hefty slab serif — a broad yet defined system emerged, functioning effectively across print and screen platforms including the zine, web and mobile sites, and Snapchat.

Key Words


Getting The Zine

Available for purchase on a microsite, the zine is sold to individuals and institutions. The site is limited to 2 simple pages, with the third main navigation link leading the user directly to register to vote. The site links to options for ordering the zine as well as an overview of the project and a list of resources.

The full desktop site is accessible here.

The ultimate goal with this project was to reach young people who are already feeling discouraged about their voice being heard, and to help them feel included in the world of politics.